What are the benefits?

The modern chain drive is an area of the bike which hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. Gearing, materials and components have all developed significantly with bike designs and engineering advances, but the problem of premature chain and component wear still exists as manufacturers struggle to deal with the harsh environment in which the chain has to operate.

Cyclists know that metal on metal needs lubrication to prevent it from wearing, just look at car engines, which can now run for tens of thousands of miles with the development of modern engine oils. A car engine however is sealed from the outside world which allows it to achieve such amazing durability. For years cyclists have simply added oil to chains hoping it will last, but it needs to be continually reapplied and the whole system cleaned in order for it not to build up into a horrible grinding paste.

At Flaér we are approaching the problem from a different angle to the traditional chain lube manufacturers. Instead of trying to make sticky lubes that are difficult to wash away and end up collecting dirt, we have produced clean, non-sticky lubricants or fluids that are continually applied in micro-doses via a small on board reservoir whilst you ride. The result is that the dirt, grit and grime don’t stick as much and as the fluid is continually applied the fluid layer is being constantly topped up so even in the worst of conditions maximum performance is maintained all the time.