Revo Terra – Unparalleled Off Road Chain Performance

The Revo Terra is the world’s first chain performance system for Mountain Bikes will ensure your transmission operates at its best from start to finish, no matter what the conditions. By applying a precise quantity of our specially developed Terra Fluid to the chain as you ride you can get 5% more power to the wheel, experience smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission, making chain suck a thing of the past. Built and tested to withstand the toughest trails, the Revo Terra keeps your transmission running cleaner, faster, better!

Our unique, fluid formula ensures your transmission stays super clean, even in the worst of conditions, so all your effort is transferred to the trail and so you can climb easier, descend harder and ride better.

Terra Fluid has been designed to be continually re-applied via the Revo system so the chain is always at its most efficient and performance is kept at its peak. We have balanced the lubricating properties of the fluid with cleanliness resulting in the cleanest lube there is, so no dirt builds up on the transmission and it keeps working at its most efficient all the time!

Unparalleled Off Road Chain Performance

Revo Terra | MTB System

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the REVO TERRA know when to dispense the fluid?

The REVO Terra dispenses the specially formulated Terra Fluid onto the chain at a controlled variable rate via user input (selectable intervals) and through sensing motion of the bicycle.

How much fluid does it use in comparison to other chain lubes?

The REVO VIA dispenses 0.03ml (or 1 drop) of fluid at intervals of 30, 45, 90, 120 or 150 secs, depending on the conditions and user preference.

How much fluid fling/mess do you get using the REVO TERRA?

The system will fling no more than a traditionally applied lube. If fling occurs it is because the user preference/setting is too high for the conditions. The system should be adjusted and fling will not happen.

If the fluid does fling, how can I be sure that it will not affect my wheels and braking surfaces?

If the REVO VIA is set too high then any potential fling will tend to fling towards the road in a particle type spray. The construction of our fluid, is a light mineral based biodegradable fluid which is water washable. This means that any fling or contaminants are easily dispersed and do not affect the environment. With
regards braking surfaces, due to the washable element it does not affect braking surfaces. The heat applied to these surfaces burns the fluid off extremely quickly and does not affect performance or contaminate braking pads. Traditional lubricants carry tack additives and surfactants which are far more harmful to the environment and any potential braking surface.

What happens if I’m going round a corner, will it dispense fluid and be dangerous for other riders following me?

The REVO Terra is designed to activate under motion. The software is programmed to stop dispensing fluid when the system is outwith ±30° from vertical (0° – Upright). This ensures no fluid dispensing on aggressive corners or when the bike is leaned over/turned upside down.