Clean & Protect

Flaer Revive

Revive is a high performance cleaner, specifically formulated for the rigours of pro cycling. It provides your entire bike with a deep clean and is effective on dirt, sand, oil, grease and insects. The unique scented formula offers the complete cleaning solution, ensuring all components are kept in peak condition.

Revive has been carefully formulated to be safe on all materials including carbon, aluminium, steel, titanium and paintwork.

Flaer Guard

Guard is a high performance bike protector spray scientifically formulated to protect in all cycling environments. It will leave your bike shining like new, protected from dirt and corrosion, and working at its best, all the time. Safe to use all over the bike and on any materials including carbon, aluminium, steel, titanium and paintwork. If it comes into contact with your brakes it can be easily washed off with water without contaminating the pads or blocks.

We recommend using Flaér Revive, for a deep clean before protecting with Guard giving your bike a “good as new” finish.

Apply directly to the area to be protected and allow to dry leaving a micro-film of non-sticky protection. After a ride, any dirt that has stuck to the bike can simply be washed off with water. With continued use, Guard builds up layers of protection, keeping your bike looking like new and bringing back the showroom shine that cleaning can take away.

Keep your transmission clean