Accessories & Spares

We offer a range of accessories to customise your setup so it’s unique to you and your ride.

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  • Revo Via Main Unit

    The Revo Via Main Unit provides a revolution in chain performance ensuring your transmission operates at maximum efficiency from start to finish, no matter what the […]

  • Rubber Straps

    These Rubber Straps have been designed for quick and easy mounting of the Revo Chain Performance System to the frame of the bike. Simply attach through […]

  • Standard Delivery Tubing

    This Standard Delivery Tubing has been designed to be flexible and durable to be able to deal with the worst conditions you can throw at […]

  • Standard Gear Cable Clips

    These Standard Gear Cable Clips allow you to secure your standard Revo tubing to your gear cables for a neat installation. Looking for something else? Just […]